Delivering positive outcomes, without the costs of court

At Larson Rodgers, our practice is grounded by the belief that mediation provides equitable access to justice. Whether you are dealing with a separation, a parenting plan, or making decisions related to an ageing parent, mediation can help you achieve peace outside of the courtroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mediation is the process of resolving an issue outside of court with the assistance of a neutral third party. Mediation can be used to resolve all issues related to separation and divorce, or can be used to help families resolve other issues.  The focus is on interests rather than rights.  However, as a lawyer, I use the law as a touchstone of what may happen if this did go to court.  With that knowledge, and your interests,  we draft an agreement that is a legally binding document. 

When you choose mediation over litigation, you maintain control of your own future. Rather than having a judge determine the terms of your separation, child custody or support, you and your partner reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

While bringing an issue to court can take years and cost many thousands of dollars, mediation can take place very quickly and costs drastically less for both parties.

The court process can be daunting and stressful, and mediation avoids the stress, time and energy of going to court. Rather than forcing clients to act as adversaries, mediation allows spouses to settle disputes in a healthy and sustainable fashion. 

Mediation is private and confidential. Couples actively participate in discussions with the goal of reaching an agreement. Couples will often share the costs of their mediator.

If a couple does not come to an agreement during mediation, they are not allowed to share discussions from the mediation process in court. If agreements are reached during mediation, they are translated into a legally binding Separation Agreement.

Yes. After we have a drafted an agreement you each will meet with a lawyer for ILA (Independent Legal Advice).  At this time, you will have an opportunity to have a confidential meeting with a lawyer who is looking out specifically for you.  The ILA will further protect the agreement from being overturned if challenged. 

Because, in most situations, mediation is voluntary, the only requirement is that both parties are interested in and willing to participate in mediation.  I can help focus on the issues that need to be discussed. Mediation is very efficient when we are able to all meet together, but we can certainly meet separately if you prefer.  Recently, I have discovered that meeting over video- conference works well. We are not all in the same room, but we have the benefit of getting things done and making decisions with all parties present.

No! While contesting a divorce in court can cost many thousands of dollars in court fees, legal fees, and experts, mediation avoids the lengthy legal process.

Larson Rodgers offers mediation services in all aspects of family law including a parenting plan, division of assets or anytime parties can benefit from a neutral third party to help resolve a dispute.

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